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Summer of LOVE starts this week!

June 1st marks the launch of our SUMMER OF LOVE!

Join us for a 1960’s dance extravaganza with Mambo & East Coast Swing…and to keep you on your toes and feeling groovy, we’ll sprinkle in some twists and shimmeys. Journey back with us to a time of love, peace, and so much great music and dancing.

June is all about flower power, so get your flower crowns and floral shirts ready! There is always something for everyone. Each and every class starts from the beginning, and all levels are welcome. No experience necessary. Bring your caregiver too!

Remember, regular dance, movement & choreography are a fun, easy way to a healthier and happier you!! We incorporate PWR movements with Ballroom dances and techniques to help overcome brain fog, increase energy, decrease muscle stiffness and chase the blues away. Let’s increase that dopamine with some great music, dance & fun!

Challenge your body and your brain with Rx Ballroom Dance! Get a cardio workout, test your memory and challenge your coordination all in just 30 minutes, three times a week.

Classes are now available both in person and over Zoom. Check the calendar for details.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get moving together!

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