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With Ballroom Dance being proven as an effective way to prevent and treat dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and many cerebral diseases, why is it not the #1 prescribed activity among those afflicted?


Access, education and resources.


Private ballroom dance lessons are often only accessible at dance studios. In addition, ballroom dance teachers are not necessarily trained to work with students with special needs. Finally, those who do struggle with special needs aren’t always the ones who can afford pricey private lessons.

How do we make ballroom dance more accessible to those who can use it to improve their qualify of life? The Rx Ballroom Dance program makes the healing benefits of ballroom dance more accessible by always offering our classes FREE to participants who are struggling with neurodegenerative conditions

All ballroom dance lessons are always FREE for our participants. A professional ballroom dancer guides participants and their dance partners through a curriculum that is specifically designed to improve physical, cognitive, and emotional objectives. Each lesson is designed to inspire improvement and bring joy to all students in the program.

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Your donations will directly cover the cost of the ballroom lessons, including the knowledge and experience of professional ballroom dancers, travel, materials, and space. You will also be directly contributing to a source of joy for the participants! Ballroom lessons have already begun, so please don’t wait. Click here.

Interested in participating in the Rx Ballroom Dance program?

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