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Summer of Love is Back!

It’s time once again for Summer of Love!

What is Summer of Love?

It’s one of our biggest fundraising campaigns of the year where we come together to celebrate the joy of dancing! Did you know that music and the memories of your favorite songs reach parts of the brain that trigger a mind-body connection unlike any typical therapy? We are ready to groove and improve to the sounds of the 60s!

Help us this Summer to:

1. Fundraise $50,000 with the first $15,000 being matched by our generous Board of Directors 2. Expand to new studios 3. Launch our research study with UCI 4. Start a mentor program within the nonprofit to connect and motivate participants who are newly diagnosed 5. Themed music, themes classes, themed parties, and themed performances for all participants!

Will you make a difference in someone’s life by giving them the gift of ballroom dance?

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