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Student Spotlight – Glenda

Meet our beautiful participant, Glenda!

Glenda has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and didn’t know about the beneficial power of Ballroom Dance until she visited her Neurologist’s office and learned about our program! Since enrolling, Glenda has improved her posture, her balance and her coordination! We’d like to think that we helped make that beautiful smile even brighter.

Our Late Fall Semester is about to wrap up and we’re having a party to celebrate! Come join us at Londance Studio at 27261 “J” La Paz Rd in Laguna Niguel, CA on December 18 at 7:45pm. We’ll be dancing the dances we learned over the last semester, hosting a silent auction to support classes in the new year, and having a great time! Hope to see you there!

Looking to make a charitable contribution before the end of the year? Consider supporting people like Glenda and making a donation to Rx Ballroom Dance today.

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