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It’s the last week of Summer of Love

The Rx Ballroom Dance community is AMAZING!

We completely CRUSHED our Summer of Love goal of raising $10k for the Rx Ballroom Dance program, which has been successfully improving the quality of life in people struggling with neurodegenerative conditions.

The survey results from our own participants speak for themselves:

  1. 78% of our current participants reported physical improvement including balance, coordination and decreased stiffness

  2. 89% reported cognitive improvement including recall and retention

  3. 100% reported social and emotional improvement!

Success like this combined with the increased demand for the Rx Ballroom program during our Summer of Love campaign tells us it’s time to expand our program.

There’s no reason to wait. People struggling with Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative conditions need us NOW!

Expansion will include hiring new teachers and adding additional classes, which of course means additional cost.

After crushing our original goal of $10k, our matching sponsors for the Summer of Love proposed a new challenge – raise another $5k by September and they will match it too!

We have just a week left. Will you help us go the distance?

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