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It’s Giving Tuesday! Double your donation up to $5,000!


What a Bright Time. It’s the Right Time!

Imagine if everyone who has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder had access to the power of ballroom dance therapy. At Rx Ballroom Dance, this is what we envision every day. Imagine that we could provide all participants, free of charge, the power of resilience and hope. What if all who struggle with neurological and movement disorders had the ability to experience better posture, stronger recall and more joy? Could we change the face of treating Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia?

At Rx Ballroom Dance, we know we can. We cultivate resilience through our ballroom dance program where we create ample opportunities for improved physical condition, increased cognitive function and added happiness. Even as we’ve pivoted our program to accommodate those who need to dance from home as well as those who can attend in person, we stay true to nurturing a sense of community. We cultivate resilience in our program for our participants’ care partners by supporting the bond that is formed when engaging in an activity that both partners can enjoy together. And we cultivate resilience through our networks with medical professionals, scientific researchers, movement disorder programs and physical therapists. With more individuals diagnosed with neurological disease every day, we need your help to grow our community of hope and resilience.

As we move into 2022, we invite you to look into the future with us. Please consider a donation to ensure we dance into 2022 together:

  1. $25 funds a participant attend one class

  2. $50 funds a participant and a caretaker attend class

  3. $100 creates engaging and effective curriculum

  4. $500 hires additional teachers for more classes

  5. $1,000 funds our research with UCI

  6. $5,000 funds new locations for additional classes

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