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Give the gift of dance this holiday season!

Dance has the power to change lives. We’ve witnessed it and we’ve experienced it ourselves. Thanks to dance, we are healthier, physically and emotionally. It gives us joy. Dance keeps us young.

Over the last year, Rx Ballroom Dance has been privileged to be a vehicle for this positive change in people struggling with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Participants in our ballroom dance program are moving with increased strength and confidence, and bigger smiles. One regular participant, Dave, has been living with Parkinson’s for 22 years and has tried it all – general exercise, yoga, boxing, and now ballroom dancing. He said ballroom has made the biggest difference in improving his quality of life:

As someone who has dealt with Parkinson’s Disease for 22 years, I support Rx Ballroom Dance because I have experienced first hand the program’s benefits, both physically and mentally. It’s also a lot of fun!

Rx Ballroom Dance’s mission is to use ballroom dancing to preserve and enhance the quality of life in people like Dave who are confronting neurological conditions. Part of that mission includes offering our ballroom dance program to participants at no charge.

This is where we need you. We know the burden of health insurance and medication can be significant barriers to allowing an individual to get the care they need. We need your financial support so we may continue to offer our dance classes free of charge to those who truly need them.

Diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and dementia are increasing in prevalence every year. Accepted allopathic therapies are extremely limited in their effect. Numerous clinical studies demonstrate the benefit of physical and mental exercise as hedges against aging and its afflictions. Dance in particular has proven to be an effective means of mobilizing patients physically, engaging them socially, and uplifting them emotionally.

Your donation will make a huge difference in the quality of a person’s life by opening the door to this power of dance. Because Rx Ballroom Dance operates with minimal overhead, monetary donations go directly toward providing group dance classes multiple times a week for our participants. The classes are specifically designed to address their conditions, with a focus on improving balance and coordination while having a great time in a social setting! To track our participants progress and ensure the classes are doing what they’re designed to do, we conduct periodic surveys to assess changes in participants’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing both in class and in their daily lives outside of the dance studio.

Classes are underway, but we need your support moving into 2020. Your gift this season can provide the following for a member of Rx Ballroom Dance:

$25= 1 Class $50= 1 Week of Classes $200= 1 Month of Classes $400= 1 Semester of Classes

You can donate easily right now by clicking here.

Hope for these participants lies in preserving their capacities by fully exercising them. There is no better way than dance. We know it and live by it, and with your help, they will as well.

Please join us in bringing them to the dance floor!

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