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Another Successful Fundraiser!

Rx Ballroom Dance slays another fundraising night last week at the ever generous Londance Studio in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Because of competition gown, practice wear and shoe donations, we were able to auction off over $1700 worth of items to raise money towards ballroom dance classes for people with neurological disease! That’s nearly a full semester of classes fully funded!

Your donations have made the difference for: 1. Participants with Alzheimer’s gaining rhythmic coordination and confidence in speaking and socializing 2. Participants with Parkinson’s gaining better alignment, posture and balance 3. Caregivers being able to enjoy themselves and be directly involved in an activity that benefits both them and their loved one 4. Overall improvement in physical, mental and social/emotional growth by all!

Can’t donate right now? Consider volunteering and being a dance partner in one of our Rx Ballroom Dance classes! We would love to have your help. Contact us today.

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