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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

We did it!

Thanks to your generosity, we smashed our $10k goal for the Summer of Love!

Our matching sponsors are thrilled AND since we hit our goal so successfully, they think we can do even more. Especially given that the demand for our program has also grown tremendously. Since we started offering both in-person and online classes, enrollment has increased by 100%!

Not surprising though. We know how effective ballroom dance can be at improving balance, coordination, memory recall, and mood, among other things. The results from our own participants speak for themselves:

  1. 78% of our current participants reported physical improvement including balance, coordination and decreased stiffness

  2. 89% reported cognitive improvement including recall and retention

  3. 100% reported social and emotional improvement!

The increased demand and survey results from our current participants tell us we need to expand our program sooner than expected. There’s no reason to wait. People struggling with Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative conditions need us now!

Expansion will include hiring new teachers and adding additional classes, which of course means additional cost.

So our matching sponsors for the Summer of Love proposed a new challenge – raise another $5k by September and they will match it too!

Will you help us go the distance this summer?

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